In the depths of time, sometime in the latter half of the twentieth century, a new form of creature came into existence; the Fantasy reader.

The readers began to travel into worlds of imagination, encountering strange creatures, epic battles and dark magic that often carried a price.

Soon there were rogues and thieves, Dark Lords and Dragons, Medieval cultures with heroes and sorcerers both good and evil, and within these worlds, the hunger for more fantastic books to read grew.

Then, soon after a new century dawned, the bookstore shelves reserved for Fantasy were invaded by an old genre in a new form, one that appealed mostly to young women of a romantic bent. The Romance readers had discovered the elven lands and called them fae. The vampires and werewolves once consigned to the Horror shelves sent out their allure and captured the hearts of these Romance readers, developing into Shifter Fantasy.

The Traditional Fantasy readers were largely pushed out of the Fantasy section and left bereft of their worlds of adventure and impossible quests, forced to filter through romantic fantasies of hot fae guys and bodice ripper plots in search of the elusive worlds of Fantasy as we once knew it.

But that Fantasy still lived. New writers arose to give these worlds life and provide imagination fodder for the old school Fantasy readers. We had only to find them.

This site is dedicated to those writers and those books. While most stories throughout history hold at least a hint of a relationship somewhere, our purpose is to weed out the Romance plots and recommend the books that reflect Traditional Fantasy genre.

Quest Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Dark, Epic and Heroic Fantasy are represented here. Mythic, Grimdark, Literary and High Fantasy are our forte. No fairytales to be found here, though you may encounter goblins, ogres, trolls and other creatures.

Enter, friend, and be one of us. New material will be added as we find it, so bookmark us so you can find your way back.