Below are links to the websites of authors whose books are featured on this Fantasy Recommendation site.
Check them out! They may have other books of interest to you.

Guy Donovan

Dragon's Treasure Series

Hannah Steenbock

The Cloud Lands Saga ~ Wolves of the South ~ Winds of Destiny ~ The Franssisi Four Chronicles

J.A. Andrews

The Keeper Chronicles ~ The Keeper Origins

CF Welburn

The Ashen Levels ~ I Shall Return With Winter

Benjamin Descovich

Dragon Choir

Andy Peloquin

Darkblade ~ Defenders of Legend ~ The Silent Champions ~ Cerberus Series ~ Queen of Thieves ~ The Last Bucelarii

Noelle Nichols

The Shadow's Creed Saga

Nils Nisse Visser

The Flying Dutchman Trilogy ~ Sussex Steampunk Tales ~ Time Flight Chronicles ~ Lord of the Wyrde Woods

Jon Cronshaw

Dawn of Assassins ~ The Ravenglass Chronicles ~ The Wasteland Series

Justin Fike

The Farshore Chronicles

Lily Anne Crow

Will of the Wayfinder ~ A War of Whispers

E C Greaves

The Vyshivka Trilogy

Glen Dahlgren

The Chronicles of Chaos

Keith Gell

The Telepathy Office

David Green

Empire of Ruin ~ The Devil Walks in Blood ~ AFTER: A Post-Apocalyptic Survivor Series

Dan Zangari & Robert Zangari

Tales of the Amulet ~ Untold Tales of Kalda

Derrick Smythe

Passage to Dawn

Christopher Matson

Half Sword

Ella Walker Henderson


J.T. Moy

The Stormcrafter Chronicles

Nicky Lee

The Rarkyn Trilogy

Ross Kingston

The Elemental Chronicles ~ Kimeno: The Resplendence Prequel Series ~ The Lunar Triumvirate

Alexis D. Johnson

The Tainted Scales Series ~ The Siren Wars

Jamie Edmundson

Weapon Taker's Saga ~ Me Three

Benny Charles and Alex Robinson

Children of the Aether

Jaq D Hawkins

The Goblin Trilogy ~ Airship Mechanoids Steampunk Series

Angel Haze

Battleborn Mage

A.F. Stewart

Saga of the Outer Islands

Jorden Darrett

Epic of Egaisha